Hours Long Police Stand-Off In Burnham Thursday
Jun 4, 2021

A police stand-off in Burnham began the morning commute on Thursday. MCRP Chief Andre French said the incident began just before 2am when 51-y/o Jason First was involved in an undisclosed disturbance in his residence at 402 South Logan Blvd. When officers made contact with First, he was uncooperative & retreated to a bedroom & slammed the door. When he opened to door to police, French said First was holding a shotgun which was “leveled” at the 2 Regional Officers who described him as being in an “agitated state”. After retreating to a position of safety, negotiations were attempted with First while other officers began evacuation of the building and surrounding area. Logan Blvd. between the Kish Pike intersection & Freedom Ave. was closed for several hours as a safety measure. Commuters & school bus traffic were diverted around the scene. Support from the Lewistown State Police was requested & brought in the special emergency response team. State Police then assumed control of the perimeter & deployed various methods in an attempt to have First voluntarily exit the residence. French said First was observed inside the residence “shaking his head no” when instructed to come out. Just after 11:30am, French said that First was taken into custody & transported to Geisinger Lewistown Hospital for medical clearance. He was then jailed on $100,000 bail to await a June 9 hearing.

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