Lewistown Police Intervene In Possible Weapons Incident
Mar 17, 2021

Lewistown Police responded to a call at a residence located at 15 S. Walnut St. on Saturday to a report of an agitated man, identified as 42-y/o James Elsworth Fye of Lewistown, who had a disagreement with a co-habitant & said to the individual that he would be “ready” when police arrived. He was also allegedly making reports to harm police & had retrieved a 30-30 caliber rifle from another’s room. Police were told that Fye was sitting in the living room holding the firearm when officers arrived, but would not come outside when requested. Police said Fye did agree to release possession of the rifle to a 3rd person who brought the weapon to officers. A criminal history search by police revealed Fye had prior convictions & was prohibited from possessing firearms. Police were granted access to the residence where they placed Fye under arrest without incident. He is jailed in the MCCF awaiting arraignment.

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