MCRP Chief: Biden Barn Blaze Caused By Arson
Mar 9, 2021

The devastating early Saturday morning fire that leveled the popular “Biden Barn” in Reedsville did not happen by accident. The CDT reports today that MCRP Chief Andre French is saying that the department’s fire investigator has reported that “the most likely cause of the fire is arson.” Within hours of the blaze, an online fund drive was organized to raise $10,000 for the rebuilding of the iconic venue by a volunteer. The account was turned over to the barn owners’ daughter which had already raised $20,340 from 664 donors as of Monday night. As far as the investigation goes, French did cautioned that it was still very early & that investigators from both the department & the insurance company will link up & move forward. French would not specify what was found to indicate a likely arson, but added “We’ll follow the evidence, and I would suspect this would take at least several months”.

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