It’s “America’s Country ‘Count-UP'” every Sunday morning starting at 10am with 25 Years Of Hits! It’s unique in that it plays the most popular songs of the week in order for the last 25 years & sprinkles in memories with fun timeline trivia tidbits. It’s really the best way to rewind, relax & relive with your all time favorites & today’s country.

Your host Mike Allen has listened to country music as long as he can remember, it’s probably the one thing he loves most in life…well he does have this thing for dogs. Anyway, he’s worked in country radio for over a decade & uses that to get you unique insights into your favorite artists, & helps you discover new ones too!

So sit back & relax every Sunday morning from 10am-Noon as Mike Allen takes you on a quarter-century-long journey filled with memories & the songs that became the sound track to your life.


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