MCSD Transportation Notice
Dec 18, 2020

The Mifflin Co. School District has been informed that Mann’s Narrows Rd will remain CLOSED indefinitely. Several of the district’s buses will need to REROUTE, which will affect pick-up & drop-off times. Buses will need to start earlier to make up the difference in the mornings, & will be later getting students home in the afternoon.

Here are the estimated time differences:

Bus 57 (HS, JH, IV)———————–estimated 10 min.
Bus 63 (HS, JH, MS)———————estimated 5 min.
Bus 70 (LIS, LES, MS, ED)————estimated 2-3 min.
Bus 92 (HS, JH)—————————-estimated 2-3 min.
Bus 92 (IV)———————————-estimated 10-15 min.
Bus 155 (HS, JH, IV)———————estimated 10-15 min.
Bus 169 (LIS, LES, MS)—————–estimated 5-8 min.

Please be patient with the District bus drivers while the new routes are being worked out. Thank you!

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