Goose Day
Sep 1, 2023

The annual Goose Day celebration is back! Goose Day is September 29th but the celebration will continue through October 1st. On September 29th make sure you eat goose for good luck. This year Goose Day is celebrating with a drone show on September 29th at 9:30PM. The show will be in downtown Lewistown. Things you can do during the Goose Day celebration include: going to eat a unique goose recipe, join the annual Goose Day Pumpkin Festival, join the Goose Day 5K, go to the corn maze, shop, and so much more! Make sure you stop by the Historic Courthouse to kick off your Goose Day fun. Goose Day is special to Mifflin County so make sure you go out and celebrate it! For more information please click here.

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