Check out what Jon Pardi has been making room for on his Middle Tennessee farm.

It looks like Jon is putting to use all of that land that he’s been clearing during the pandemic. In a post on his Instagram page, he introduces fans to his 5 bovine babies — Johnny, June, Holly, Opal & Kevin — along with 2 aggressive goats.

Apparently, he also has baby goats on the farm, and a pack of dogs that includes Gus, Charli, Bear & Cowboy, who appears in his “Tequila Little Lime” video. Horses could be next.

  • Jon is proof that California has plenty of country.
  • Those cows look like Highland cattle. Or maybe they got some hair extensions. 
  • Baby goats are cute, but adult ones are a little less cute. They also leave droppings without discriminating where they fall.
  • Who decided a goat pooping on your back while you do yoga was cute?