Jordan Davis was talking about the one he let get away…

An avid fisherman, Jordan Davis asked himself what trophy fish was left for him to catch after he had reeled in some of the biggest out there. He found the answer with Ocearch last year. 

He explains what led him to go fishing for a great white shark. I’m a huge fisherman. I love going out and catching anything. And this kinda all started where I was like, OK, I’ve caught tuna, I’ve caught a marlin, I’ve caught all of this stuff. I was like, ‘What is there left to catch?’ And I saw Ocearch and thought, ‘Oh, these guys are catching great white sharks.’ (laughs)” 

  • Coincidentally, Jordan doesn’t consider himself a thrill seeker.
  • Luke Bryan has also expressed an interest in going out with Ocearch.
  • June 8th was World Ocean Day.
  • After a year of mostly empty beaches and oceans, sharks may have taken back their home.