In case you missed it, there’s one more clip from LUKE COMBS’ appearance on “Straight Up Steve Austin” that’s worth checking out. 

Steve asked if he drinks a beer before or during shows, and wow, does Luke stay on brand, or what?

He said, quote, “I’m a before, during, and after guy for sure.  I shotgun a beer every night, one beer . . . but I can’t do beer [during the show] because it makes me burp too much, so I do stage drink. 

“That’s a heavy Jack pour, then diet [soda], no ice . . . because little-known secret of the trade is that ice cools your vocal cords down, so you have a higher chance of damaging your vocals cord drinking ice cold anything.”

(I’ve never heard the term “stage drink” . . . but I’ll never forget it.  And I WILL be following Luke’s every move the next time I see him in concert so I can eagle-eye the “Jack pour.”)