MORGAN WALLEN posted a five-minute video yesterday on Instagram where he owned-up to his actions, but did not ask for forgiveness, because he doesn’t believe he deserves it.  Here are a few other things he said. 

The video we saw was him on “hour 72” of a bender . . . and since then he’s been sober.  He waited on making this statement until he could apologize to all the people he’s let down, especially his parents and his son.

He accepted invitations “from amazing black organizations and leaders.”  He said, “I heard first-hand personal stories from black people that shook me.  I know that what I’m going through this week doesn’t even compare to the trials I heard about from them.”

He came away from those meetings with a deeper and clearer understanding of the weight of his words.  Morgan said, “Our actions matter, our words matter, so please learn from my mistake.  There’s no reason to downplay what I did.”

He’s going to be off the grid for a while so he can get back in control of his habit and start living healthy, and being proud of his actions.

As for those who’ve come to his defense, there’s this: “Lastly, I appreciate those who have defended me but for today, please don’t.  I was wrong.  It’s on me to take ownership of this and I fully accept any penalties I face.”