Sam Hunt shares who ingrained his love of old country music in him…

Although his music has a contemporary flair, Sam Hunt was raised on old school country music, thanks to his grandfather. 

Sam Hunt’s grandpa brought him up on rural life and country music.

“You know, I’d hang with him on the weekends and we’d go over to what he called ‘the mall,’ which was really just a little two-pump gas station with Blue Bell ice cream and fishing minnows for the creek there. But you would hear Webb Pierce at Foster’s Mill or at the feed store, or at least that era of country music. So, it’s very familiar to me.”

If you think Sam is exaggerating about the two-pump gas station, check this out: 

  • We’d take bets that one day Sam will record a flat-out traditional country album.
  • Diamond Rio recorded a great song called “Two Pump Texaco” that sounds like Foster’s Mill.
  • If you can find one of these places with a lunch counter inside, you’ve found some good country cooking.
  • A lot of times, these places were where you went to find the local news and gossip.
  • Savor those times with your grandparents, if they’re still around. Those are memories that last a lifetime.