If this isn’t the perfect example of “the show must go on,” nothing is.  In a recent interview, THOMAS RHETT talked about opening for TOBY KEITH back when he was a 21-year-old newbie.  It was his first tour, but he was really sick.

He finally went to the doctor and found out he had tonsillitis that was caused by mononucleosis.  So he told Toby he couldn’t do the show that night, and was promptly taken to school.

Here’s Thomas telling the story.  He said, “I notice he’s holding his stomach.  I was like, ‘Toby, I’m not going to be able to play tonight, man.  I’m too sick, I can’t sing.’ 

“[And] in a round-about way of using some other language, Toby said, ‘Well, it’s alright man, I had my gallbladder taken out early today so if you want to be a pansy about it, be my guest.’

“Needless to say I went out there and played the show and threw my guts up the whole night.” 

(The interview was with Audacy’s Rob + Holly.… WATCH: Rob + Holly get the whole story from Thomas Rhett)