We were all a little grossed out with LUKE BRYAN’s video of those two fishing lure prongs that were stuck in his hand.  He took it like a champ, though.  He shared an update on his Instagram stories of what he did next. 

He and his guitar tech, a fella named Russ, drove to a medical center, and on the way Luke called himself out for screwing things up.  Quote, “Leave it to me, I ruined the fishing trip.  But we’ll be back on the water in about 25 minutes.”

Then he shared video of a medical worker extracting a hook from his hand while he joked, quote, “We’re violating HIPAA somehow.”

And then, true to his word, he did an update AFTER they returned to the water.  He held up his newly-repaired thumb and said, quote, “Got the hook out.  We’re back!”