T.J. OSBORNE of Brothers Osborne has come out as gay.  He opened up about it in an interview with Time that was released yesterday. 

T.J. is 36, and he’s known since he was young . . . but didn’t tell his brother JOHN until he was in his mid-twenties.  His close friends and family have known for several years. 

Ironically, it took the pandemic and long periods of self-reflection to make him realize that the perfect moment to tell the world would never arrive, so he created that moment on his own.

Quote, “People will ask, ‘Why does this even need to be talked about?’ and personally, I agree with that.  But for me to show up at an awards show with a man would be jaw-dropping to people.  It would NOT be like, ‘Oh, cool.’

“I want to get to the height of my career being completely who I am.  I mean, I am who I am, but I’ve kept a part of me muted, and it’s been stifling.”  He also shared his feelings in a video yesterday on Instagram.

Naturally, T.J. has his brother’s full support.  Here’s what John told “Time”.  Quote, “If I had to have all my money and success erased for my brother to be truly fulfilled in life, I wouldn’t even think about it.  Not for a second.”