It’s official:  TRISHA YEARWOOD is Covid Negative.  She posted the good news on Facebook.  She thanked everyone for all the love and support, and gave props to GARTH BROOKS, who’s been at her side the whole time. 

Quote, “My incredible husband is literally Superman and never got Covid, but still took all the precautions to keep everyone we know and love safe.”

The post included a photo of herself holding the cover of her next cookbook, “Trisha’s Kitchen”, and she talked about that in an interview with People

Quote, “I think I was really born for cooking in quarantine, because I was raised on the theory that simple is better. 

“My pantry holds staples that I use daily, so when we were faced with being home and not going to the grocery store, especially in the very beginning of the pandemic, I didn’t panic.  I knew I could make meals out of what I had in my freezer.”

You’ll find some of those recipes in “Trisha’s Kitchen”, which will be out September 28th.