THE ROOSTER CREW with “Insane” Erik Lane

You will “Wake Up Crowing” about something you’ll hear every weekday morning with “Insane” Erik Lane! And get the latest news from around the Country about your favorite artists & those who will be! You might even learn some new life hacks, too. There’s plenty to hear that will help you to “Wake Up Crowing” each day!

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If you’ve always thought to yourself that this world is getting more stupid every day, you’ll enjoy Erik’s weekly podcast! Erik’s mom told him once, “You’ve given a piece of your mind to so many people, it’s a wonder you’ve got a mind left!”. Now, he’s giving a piece every week! Insane Erik Lane’s Stupid World is available on Anchor, Spotify, Apple, Google, Breaker, Overcast, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic, or wherever you get your podcasts! Check out the podcast here, then subscribe…and share!

Rooster Crew Morning Schedule

6:00, 7:00, & 8:00am

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News From Around The Country


Monday Morning Recap (during NASCAR season)


What’s Trending

School Lunch Menus


Hollywood News


The Final Lap


Comic Clip


Earl Pitts, American (ending on 1/26/24)


Juanita From Juniata (Tues.)


The Sports Kid (Fri.)


Country’s Inside Trak

96 Minutes of Continuous Country

Why Is Erik Lane "Insane"?

The clever moniker was given to Erik years ago by a Mifflin County listener who called in for a song request. He said Erik should go by “Insane Lane”, however Erik like using it with his full name instead.

Erik loves to hear from listeners so drop him a note at or follow him on social media!

What Everyone’s “Crowing” About…

JORDAN DAVIS: The One That Didn’t Get Away

JORDAN DAVIS: The One That Didn’t Get Away

Jordan Davis was talking about the one he let get away... An avid fisherman, Jordan Davis asked himself what trophy fish was left for him to catch after he had reeled in some of the biggest out there. He found the answer with Ocearch last year.  He explains what led...

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Joe Nichols Was a “Radio Reject”

Joe Nichols Was a “Radio Reject”

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Joe Nichols (@joenichols) Some people are pretty good at this radio thing. But some people are not...and that's a good thing, because if JOE NICHOLS had the particular set of skills as some radio DJs, we wouldn't have his...

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JON PARDI: Old McPardi’s Farm

JON PARDI: Old McPardi’s Farm

Check out what Jon Pardi has been making room for on his Middle Tennessee farm. It looks like Jon is putting to use all of that land that he's been clearing during the pandemic. In a post on his Instagram page, he introduces fans to his 5 bovine babies --...

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